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Foster families provide temporary refuge for a homeless animal. Amor Peludo covers all expenses for our foster pets, including food, treats, medical care, etc. Just like with adoptions, we’ll try to make sure that the foster dog or cat fits in with your family and lifestyle, so we will work with you based on your needs, availability, and experience. Your job is to keep the animal safe and provide a loving indoor home while we search for the right forever family.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it free to foster?

Yes! We’ll provide everything you need, including food, toys, crates, bedding, medical care, etc. Many fosters do choose to buy their own food as a donation to the rescue- and that is awesome- but we can give you anything you need to make your foster pet feel right at home.

Would I be a good foster parent?

Most families can be successful fosters. We’ll work to make sure that the pet’s needs match with your own schedule, lifestyle, availability, housing situation, etc.  

is it safe to let my pet interact with a new foster?

It will depend on the individual animal, and we do our best to match your foster pet with your lifestyle, your schedule, your own pets, etc. 

Young kittens, however, are the exception. They are very susceptible to illness and should be kept in a separate environment during their stay in your home.  All of your pets should be up to date on vaccinations to ensure their safety. 

For how long will my foster pet remain with me?

Typically, foster families commit to fostering an animal until an adoptive home can be found. Sometimes, it happens quickly, but we cannot always predict how long this will take. We encourage you to be proactive in marketing your foster pet by sharing on social media, keeping pictures and descriptions current, and attending adoption events. If you can only foster for a specific period of time, please be certain to share that information with us at the beginning of the process. 

what if i fall in love?

Many foster families do end up adopting their foster pet. We love “foster fails” but hope that you will continue to foster so we can save more lives. Fosters will pay a reduced adoption fee if they decide to adopt.