Pet Food Pantry
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In troubled times, we want to offer a hand to ensure that our furry friends are okay. Amor Peludo is pleased to offer a small pet food pantry for Las Vegas families in need.

Our pantry is supported by private donors as well as community partners. We typically assist with food for dogs and cats, but we will occasionally receive food donations for small domestic animals (like rabbits and guinea pigs), reptiles, and birds.

For immediate assistance or for larger quantities, please contact some of the other organizations that offer pet food assistance:

Hearts Alive Village

Street Dogz


The Animal Foundation


Call: 702-955-5910

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With 14.9% of the population in our city living below the poverty rate, we know that many animals in struggling communities go hungry. We rely on your generosity to help feed animals in need.

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Pet Food Pantry

Sign up for our pet food pantry. You will be notified when food is available for pick-up. Please do not assume that food is forthcoming- we rely on donations and cannot guarantee when or what type of food will be available.