My feral babies

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With an estimated 85,000 community cats living on the streets of Las Vegas, Amor Peludo is proud of our TNR Program, “My Feral Babies”. Through the sponsorship of the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C-5), we are able to trap, fix, and vaccinate several community cats each week, who are then returned to their colonies, where they will no longer contribute to the over-population of homeless cats in our city. Amor Peludo works with colony feeders to ensure that adequate food, water, and shelter (if possible) is provided.

When these cats are found to be highly social, many the victims of abandonment or neglect, Amor Peludo volunteers work tirelessly to place these cats- as well as stray dogs in these same communities- into foster homes, both within their own foster family and by networking with other rescue organizations.

Please contact C-5 directly for help with colonies of five or more cats that need to be sterilized.

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Become a Trapper

Our experienced volunteers will guide you through the TNR process and help you learn to control the community cat population in your neighborhood. We’ll provide you with the tools and training you need to make a difference.

I need help in my community

Get Assistance for a Stray Cat

If you need assistance trapping strays in your community, or you would like to borrow a trap, sign up here. Please note that there is a waiting list for our volunteer trappers.